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Current NFT Projects

This is a preview of some of my current Layer2 NFT projects that I am looking forward to offer exclusively through my favourite NFT market place in the future. This is work in progress and I will update this post regularly. The one in the upper right is a NFT with a coded player and contains a mini album. All others are animated art with snippets from different songs of mine.

NFT drop on Reddit

Last month I was dropping a limited amount of my new mini album over on Reddit. It comes in the form of an NFT and there are many cool parts about this. First of all it contains 1 unreleased version of “Give me Love” and a completely new track that is not released yet called “Strange Days”. Secondly the NFT is not just an audiofile but comes in the form of a handcoded player that contains the whole EP. Meaning: Inside the NFT you can skip forward, backwards, repeat etc. All those things you’d expect from a player. Granted, this is all very early adaptor tech but in terms of innovation and rarity this is quie unique and would not have been possible withouth the creativity from the reddit crowd where the original source-code from the player originated. Over the next weeks I will be occasionally dropping NFTs on Reddit, so stay tuned.